What is the Alleweder ?

Alligt, Katanga and Passion-Vélomobile put their experiences and skills to make the Alleweder great again !

According to a context of inflation and the need to move people from A to B with a low carbon vehicule, the alleweder velomobile seems to be a really good solution !

This collaboration will replace the alleweder in the "low price" velomobile market. A velomobile that you can build and repear easlily by yourself.


Easy to drive, easy to park, easy to maintain or repare , easy to fit in and out .... Just easy to use everyday !

 Economical vehicle

 The Alleweder offers capacities for luggages and pratical use. It can move further and faster than a classic bike, but with rain protection and safety. When replacing the car, you save more money than you can imagine !

Kit solution

 You want to build your own velomobile ? Let's start with a proofed and liable base. You can follow the assembly notice and make some new improvments, something unique for you !


Lenght : 250 cm
Width : 81 cm
Height : 90 cm
Weight : 32 kg

Turning radius : 3.5m
Ground clearance : 15 cm

User size : 140-195 cm
max user weight : 130 kg

Standard equipment

90mm drum brakes
Basic front & rear light
2 mirrors
Schwalbe Marathon tires
60T single chainring
9 speeds 11-34 cassette
155 mm cranks
Spd pedals
Basic seat foam


Still in progress, more info soon

Rigid rain cover
Soft rain cover
Head rest
Ventisit seat foam
Wheel hub motor
Mid drive motor
Rohloff wheel
Lighting system