What is the Alleweder ?

Alligt, Katanga and Passion-Vélomobile put their experiences and skills to make the Alleweder great again !

According to a context of inflation and the need to move people from A to B with a low carbon vehicule, the alleweder velomobile seems to be a really good solution !

This collaboration will replace the alleweder in the "low price" velomobile market. A velomobile that you can build and repear easlily by yourself.


Easy to drive, easy to park, easy to maintain or repare , easy to fit in and out .... Just easy to use everyday !

 Economical vehicle

 The Alleweder offers capacities for luggages and pratical use. It can move further and faster than a classic bike, but with rain protection and safety. When replacing the car, you save more money than you can imagine !

Kit solution

 You want to build your own velomobile ? Let's start with a proofed and liable base. You can follow the assembly notice and make some new improvments, something unique for you !